Ssikkek Korean BBQ (Tampines 1)

Is this what everyone have been waiting for? :) I saw a number of search regarding this outlet that linked to my blog. I wanted to search for more info regarding which outlet before I went to eat. But I couldn’t find any :(

So, I finally went have a taste for it! :) I actually tried the outlet at novena. But well, not much different between the choice and price :)

Ssikkek Korean BBQ located at Tampines 1, Level 4 :)

Something that you should take note before dining at there! Time limit is only 2 hours! And the price for the adult and child :)

Notice: They only serve 1st bottle water for complimentary. Pros and Cons, You gonna pay the 2nd/3rd bottle of plain water. Or you’ll stop drinking more plain water and drink more seaweed soup! :P

Their variety of raw food! And also vege, salad which is not shown in the photo! :)

Korea ricecake, Korea pancake & more! :D

Time to nom nom nom!

Awesome BBQ food. We didn’t have a second round of meat because we’re already dead full D; Something special for long hair ladies to take note! Tie your hair when eating and do not go anywhere after eating. Go home! Because your body will have a very strong bbq smell! :) The staff are friendly over there, very helpful too! I’ll visit them again! I need more korean food! D; Let me know your review if you went there before too! :D

Ohmygod, I miss them now. Drooling at this late hour :P
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